About Us

Our History


In 1990 the New Zealand towing industry was very different from today, but always not in a good way. There was a need for a towing company that provided customers service, professionalism and care, so Ashley’s Tow Taxi was born. Fast forward 30 years, and while the industry has improved enormously, Ashley’s are still setting the standards with the right people, the right gear, and the right approach.
And behind everything are our Values. Our values aren’t just words; they determine where we’re going, what we do and how we do it.

The Right People

There’s a fair bit of skill required to operate a tow truck properly, but skills can be taught.  
What can’t be taught, is attitude, and that’s why I’ve sought out people who aren’t just good at their job; they love what they do, are as excited about this company as I am and are bloody proud to be the best in town. Watch my guys at work, and you’ll see what I mean: we’re a tight team of professionals and I’m bloody proud to be a part of that team. Hell, you could call us the All Blacks of towing.

Marcus Aldersley

Classic Vehicle Specialist 

About Marcus

I’ve worked with Marcus at two other towing companies, and when I took over Ashley’s I wanted Marcus on my team. I reckon he’s one of the best tow truck drivers in the country: he’s had a ton of experience, is a bloody hard worker and a perfectionist; but more importantly, he gives a sh#t. If we send Marcus to your job, you can relax because you and your car are in very good hands. 
Marcus is married to (the long suffering) Theresa and is a bloody proud dad to Danni and Ethan. When he’s not in a tow truck he’s got a very quick Harley Wideglide and a Mazda RX7 with a 350 Chev that has minor traction problems… 

Daryl Baker

Classic Vehicle Specialist 

About Daryl

Daryl is a Ford lover (nobody’s perfect) and handles anything we throw at him with a smile. He’s meticulous in the way he works, so if we send Daryl to you know it’ll be done just right because he doesn’t just love his job; he loves cars, especially your car. He treats $500 cars with the same care he treats Ferraris. 
A keen fisherman and passionate follower of most motorsport, especially V8 Supercars, he and his son Ethan live in Avondale.

Richard Martin

Token Nerd

About Richard

Richard works part time on the phones and is developing better systems for us. He’s the only non-petrol-head in the team and has no idea why 350 is better than 351, but he’s bloody good so we forgive him.

David Thompson


About David

I may be the boss, but my drivers are better at towing than I am, and Jacinta is better at running things, which is why I tend to do the fill-in work or the stuff that nobody else wants to do. My truck is the oldest, the slowest and the most basic, but it’s got the best stereo!  
I’m ashamed to admit I don’t actually own a car, but I do have several tow trucks and a 2004 Triumph Thunderbird Sport that means more to me than my wife. Or maybe my life?  
If you need to contact me, phone me on 022 394 0504 

The Right Gear


Our fleet of late-model specialist trucks make it easy to load even lowered cars safely and we don’t scrimp on anything, especially maintenance, so you know they’re safe and reliable.


All of the trucks are equipped with a full range of specialist tools and equipment, including custom designed dollies and jacks, so our team can deal with almost any situation they encounter. 
We’ve had custom designed strops and tie-downs made to our specifications using the best components available internationally, which keeps your car as safe and damage-free as is possible. We also keep our strops clean because not only do you not want your car to get dirty, worn and dirty strops are a safety risk.

The Right Approach

Even with the best people and equipment, you have to know what you’re doing, and we’re committed to following best practices in every area.  


Road and workplace safety

Doing this job, we’ve all seen too many accidents, so as a team we’re committed to road safety.  

  • Our trucks are always well maintained and at all times meet or exceed legal safety requirements. Our drivers won’t leave home without a daily safety check. 
  • Our team are all highly experienced with a clean record and stringently abide by the road rules, including weight limits, speed, and cellphone use. 
  • All our drivers are equipped with the correct PPE and are trained to work safely. 

Lowered and specialist vehicles

We’re experienced in loading very low vehicles, so if we can’t get it on and off our trucks undamaged, it probably can’t be done. We regularly transport cars on rotisseries or dollies, and there’s a LOT that can go wrong with them if you don’t do things right. 


Loading and unloading vehicles

Watch our team loading vehicles, you’ll see why we have a reputation for doing it right. It’s your pride and joy – seriously, do you want us to cut corners

  • If it’s better to winch a car on than drive it, then that’s what we do, even if it takes longer. 
  • When we strop the vehicle to the truck, we’re legally required to tie in two points, but we’ll use at least three strops and usually four.  
  • We don’t tie to un-sprung (the car’s body, including towing eyes) because that’s not safe, even if it is easier. 

Customer service

We take pride in how we deal with our customers, so we’re a polite, friendly, and respectful bunch. And yes, your Ford is just as good as a Holden…. 

The Right Customers


We’re the preferred towing company for some of the most prestigious automotive companies in Canterbury, but whether they own a Lamborghini or a Lada, every customer is treated the same. As far as we’re concerned, you’re not only our best customer; you’re our only customer. Without you we don’t have a business.



Our values aren’t just words; they’re our compass and they determine where we’re going, what we do and how we do it. Having a set of clear and carefully considered values gives us a framework on which to base our decisions while providing a firm foundation upon which to build a strong and stable business.