Our values aren’t just words; they’re our compass and they determine where we’re going, what we do and how we do it. Having a set of clear and carefully considered values gives us a framework on which to base our decisions while providing a firm foundation upon which to build a strong and stable business. 

We’re a responsible corporate citizen

That means we look beyond ourselves, and continuously ask the question: “how will this action impact on the communities that we operate in?”. While it’s vital that the company succeeds, that can’t be at the expense of our social, economic, and physical environments, because we need them more than they need us. That means: 

  • We pay all of our bills and taxes on time and in full. 
  • We support our local community through sponsorship and providing free or discounted services to community groups and charities. 
  • We will be carbon neutral by 2024. 
  • We minimise the impact of our business activities on the natural environment. 
  • We make every effort not to inconvenience our neighbours and community. 

We look after our employees

We believe that most people want to work hard, are honest and want to see their employer succeed, so that’s how we treat them. When people are happy, enjoy their work and feel secure, then they’ll work hard and support us. 

We keep people safe

We’re responsible for the safety of our staff, our customers, the businesses we work with and the people who share the road with us. That means: 

  • We obey the road rules 
  • We use the correct PPE and equipment 
  • Our trucks and equipment are well maintained, properly equipped and safe 
  • We adhere to the safety rules of the businesses we work with 
  • We work with the Police and emergency services 
  • We encourage and support road safety initiatives 

We deliver excellent service

  • We go the extra mile wherever possible, even if it’s inconvenient 
  • We make sure our customers are happy and if they’re not, we sort it out. 
  • We communicate openly and we listen. 

We’re very good at what we do

  • We only use qualified and experienced people. 
  • We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our service. 
  • We don’t compromise, take short cuts or skip steps. 
  • Rough enough will never be good enough. 

We deliver good value

We have no interest in being cheap, rather we charge a fair price that means our customers get value for money while still operating profitably. 

We believe in collaboration not competition

We believe in working alongside and not against other towing companies. That way we’re able to access each other’s resources when needed, we work together when the job’s too big and we share knowledge and information. It means we can all do a better job for our customers. 
We believe in supporting the businesses and organisations that supply us with what we need, whether that’s accounting advice, equipment or jobs. The more they succeed, the better they can give us what we need which means the more we succeed. 

We’re straight up

  • We won’t promise what we can’t deliver. 
  • If we can’t do something, we’ll tell you. 
  • If we mess up, we own it and make it right. 
  • When we need help, we ask for it.