Special Vehicle Transport

If you’ve got a special car that needs the “kid gloves” treatment, we’re known throughout the South Island for the way we take care of unique and special cars

Project & Basket Cases

If you’ve got a project (join the club…) that needs to be taken somewhere, we’ve done it all: cars on rotisseries, cars that have been under a hedge for 50 years to cars with no wheels and even cars in cardboard boxes.

Vintage & Classic

We’ve had a lot of experience transporting everything from Model T Fords to E Type Jags, and we know how to look after them, so they arrive in the same condition we collected them.

Race Cars

If you have a race car and need to get it to the track, don’t waste your time and money with a trailer, we’ll get it to the track for a day’s racing, then pick it up at the end of the day.

Hot Rods & Muscle Cars

If your pride and joy needs to be taken somewhere, we’re all car people so we’d love to help, and you can relax because we’ll treat it as though we own it.